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Superman ReturnsSuperman Returns

Starring: Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey
Directed by Bryan Singer
Music by John Ottman
Brandon Routh Interview
Kevin Spacey Interview


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DVD Features:
Deleted Scenes
Documentaries:Requiem for Krypton: Making Superman Returns - a comprehensive 3-hour documentary that takes you behind the scenes onto the set of Superman Returns - if you're into how films are made, reason enough to buy this dvd.

Review: Bluntly speaking? Bryan Singer, of X-Men directing fame, tackles his role of reviving Superman by paying a heavy homage to the Donner films before him. So, basically, it the same film we’ve seen, with a new Superman, a smarmier Lex Luthor, and super expensive visuals. Basically, Superman Returns is just one of those remakes that folks thought they really really wanted…till they saw it.

Story goes… Superman (Brandon Routh) comes back from his soul searching journey in the outer limits (we pick up where the last film left off – it’s the old switching of the Darrens trick, as there's new fella in the tighties - obviously - we accept and are hopeful…).

He also steps back into life as mild mannered Clark Kent. The problem is, Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth), apparently miffed by SM’s insta-departure delved into an immediate serious relationship with Richard White (toast James Marsden). Richard is is also Daily Planet editor Perry White's (Frank Langella), son. As if this were all not “As the the World Turns,” enough for you…Lois has a son. A son who seems suspiciously close in birth day to about nine-ish months postnatal Superman's sudden departure…hmm.

Enter villain de Jour, Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey). Lex got a get outta jail free card on a pesky technicality, and has not skipped a beat in his desire for wealth and power. He also has, what he believes, is the perfect plan for gathering that power…he’s gonna steal Superman’s.

Of course Lex's evil Plan3 involves a cool glacier chamber, holograms and a real estate deal that would make Trump froth-like-a-frenzied-lemur. But, story-wise were you really expecting Proust here kids?

Bing-bang, fly about a bit, and viola Lex and Superman must come to toes-n-wits again, while Lois starts to warm up to the disappearing Dudley Doright. Sure, he took off on her for years, without so much as a goodbye, but manoschevitz, look at how super he looks in that faggy outfit.

Speaking of…super. Brandon Routh (whose name rhymes with south) is a handsome guy. He’s about six feet two of man-as-god-intended. Yum. He had some big tights to fill, and he did a great job.

Problem is Kevin Spacey is in the film. Now here's a McCutey that can sneeze villain. Plus, it's always fun to watch the mental cogs work with this fella. His latest role is one of those cookiecutter comic rats who's known for his rather meglomaniacal missions. Of course, Lex Luthor is a smart sleek sneak, so he's a purrfect sheath for our beloved little Keysor turned philanthropic chap Kev. The would-be-cookiecutter casting has been cast off here kids. In fact Lex fits Kev so well, the two (the yin and yang of Spacey's soul) really stole the film.

Kate Bosworth is a bit too beautiful for Lois Lane, in my humble all knowing opinion. The kid can act though, and behind her blinding beauty she held her own with a tired story, and bounding manly men.

The story is super paced in the last third, and too dumb to stay with. Especially the final battle scenes,where they have that no-one-else-is-in-the-vicinity-as the worl is rescued from inhilation - sure, she said in her most cynical Bogart smirk, "Off the coast of New York City there's no one out in those waters." Argggh. Screenewriters earn your dough damn it - go watch a Charlie Kaufman film and study. The score by Blunt fave John Ottman is spectacular though.

Snack recommendation: Spinach and protein drinks natch





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