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Terminator 3; Rise of the Machines

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Claire Danes and Kristanna Loken
Directed by: Jonathan Mostow
Rated: R

Who'd have thunk it? Three into a series and still Arnie manages to absolutely engage and entertain. The story is even great!

John Conner (now mega-cutey Nick Stahl) is well aware of his god-like destiny in the war against machines. He lives in a perpetual state of movement; no phone, no home, no job. He doesn't allow himself attachments or the common comforts of life for fear the machines will find him…

When he's cruising down a dark California road and swerves to miss the local fauna…he ends up at a veterinary clinic self medicating and stitching up his wounds - since a hospital is out of the questions- what with all their pesky questions required.

Meanwhile over in Beverly Hills the T-X terminator (Kristanna Loken) has just arrived with a hit list that includes Connor's future commanding officers and of course Connor himself. This time the visiting terminator is faster, meaner and equipped with oodles of gizmos that make Inspector Gadget look like a …well…cartoon! She one tough cyborg chickbabe hell-bent on destruction.

Enter the antiquated T-101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) a model based on John Connor's old buddy from his youth (and the other films;) ). T-101 has been sent back to once again, protect Connor from annihilation and thusly giving the human race a chance for survival once the evil Skynet mega-computer gains complete control.

Johnny gets busted in the vet office by an old friend, Dr. Kate Brewster (Claire Danes) who has no idea what's about to hit the fan. Kate is on the horrible list for destruction and wouldn't ya know it the T-X has found her! But so has the T-101 and the adrenaline pumping action really begins!

Johnny and Kate must not only survive to save the world from Judgment Day but also to run the remaining human race should the machines be successful this time!

The story is fascinating - really. It's that whole end of the wolrd sci-fi stuff - but fun. And of course the action is lifting the bar for films as we speak. Director Jonathon Mostow keeps it pumping filled to the brim with big big booms, seamless animations (by ILM) and fast fast spine tingling chase scenes grab you into the film and mesmerize.

Arnold is The Terminator. If ever a man was born for a role! He may be close to sixty or something but he stills rules his screen.

Nick Stahl has been on the Blunt Review radar of young McHotties to watch for a while…this is quite a different role for the lad and he's superbly edible like a slow roasted mansteak marinated in the heartfires of my oven of lust!

Claire Danes, not a name one thinks of for multi-million dollar blockbusters, is great. They don't dumb her up or make her all girly girl goofy. Bravo.

The new "improved" Terminator T-X played by Kristanna Loken is one mean bitch! She's also a gorgeous uber chickbabe under all her cyborg goodies.

Bluntly Speaking? T3; ROTM is positively spectacular, the way a blockbuster should be. The film has delicious bits of Terminator humor and even a cute ass shot of Arnold before he gets his trademark Terminator gear.

Snack Recommendation: Black coffee.






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