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Three To Tango

STARRING: Mathew Perry, Oliver Platt, Neve Cambell and Dylan McDermott
DIRECTED BY: Damon Santostefano

Wow! It didn't SUCK. I only went because cutie pie Oliver Platt was in it. Oh, and that manly-man Dylan McDermott. McDermott is a Scottish name…I have nay seen the likes of a stud crumpet like that in the rolling hills of high Scotts before. Oh yeah, Rob Roy-but, have you ever seen the real Rob Roy..yecky- poo-poo. Big and Hairy.Where was I...Not a strand of red hair to be seen on McDermott…thanking begeezus.

Dylan plays super rich and successful Charles Newman. Chuckie's two timing his wife with art-teest Amy, played by perky chick Neve Campbell. Amy is a free spirit that Charles just cant seem to keep 'wings clipped' in his gilded cage. So, in comes innocent architects Peter Steinberg and Oscar Novak, played to perfection by Oliver 'Boom Boom' Platt and Matthew 'Please, just this once, don't ask me about 'Friends' Perry. They want the new 90 million dollar revamp job on a historic sight Charles Newman is posting, so bad they, well, they would do just about anything.


Okay. Granted Three To Tango is kind of a telegraphed comedy, but people it's funny. These young actors have the talent. The script is fun, not unique, but fun. Look after a long day doing anything it was nice to sit back and just laugh. I did several times, loudly.

See, Oscar and Peter's arch rivals, who also want the bulbous pay check from the crappy building job, try to make them look bad by 'telling' Newman the two are 'partners' in more ways then sharing the same color paint on a fancy glass door. You know knackwurst and Abruzzi Sausage lying in a bed k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Not following? Richard Simmons and Scott Thompson? All right...they're gay. Heavens, that's unique in the creative world. Well, Peter (Platt) is . Not Oscar (Perry). However, when Newman hears what he believes to be true about the two, he asks the job hungry Oscar to spy on sexy (?) mistress Amy. Sorry, Neve is cute in a 'Tom Boy' yet chick babe style but a sex maiden? I don't see it. Anyway, Oscar immediately falls for the quirky Amy, whom through a series of events (as well as everyone telling her), believes also, that Oscar is gay.


Know what's gonna happen? Sure you do. We usually do. But I still recommend this.

Matthew Perry's not my idea of handsome, but he's got great comedic talent and a smart Alec way about him that makes him interesting. I have seen Friends a couple of times…That Courtney Cox always wants to make me puke…no really...bulimia, to lose weight I mean. She's like, well, Friends skinny. What's with those broads? I like the cast separately, but not a huge fan of the show itself. I'm more a Frasier, Will and Grace girl.

Anyway, back to Platt. This tall, pleasantly plump man is in many of the finer movies you see. He was in the amazingly clever Bulworth. Then again the fun Marx Brother styled Stanley Tucci film Imposters (PLEASE see this if ya haven't). And way back when, when Johnny Depp actually worked with people other than Tim Burton, Platt was in Benny and Joon. Yep, he's well liked in Hollywood cause the boy's got about 26 (good) movies under his belt. What you don’t know who he is??? Shame on you. He's one of those you do, you just don't realize it types. Like Alan Rickman.

Go ahead, try this. It happens to be a great date movie!



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