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Thin Ice

Director: Jill Sprecher
Writers: Jill Sprecher, Karen Sprecher
Starring: Greg Kinnear, Alan Arkin, Billy Crudup, Lea Thompson, and David Harbour

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Thin Ice is a cousin to films like Fargo and Blood Simple. Not as deep, but a fun easy-on-the-cerebellum watching experience is to be had.

Story goes….Insurance salesman Mickey (Greg Kinnear) is out and about conniving his way into signing people up for policies they don’t need, or coverage that’s well beyond what’s called for.

His trouble starts when he meets a drunken bimbo-esque lady in the bar where he’s attending a sales convention.

Bad judgment starts to take root like an ivy on brick, and he’s is off on the writers' wild ride of missteps and wrong decisions.

In the next few weeks, Mickey will meet a few odd folks don’t ya know. There’s a loose canon locksmith (Billy Crudup), a newly sandbagged sales agent (David Harbour) he snags away from a big competitor (which is good news because his marriage and business are skating on thin ice…harharhar). He'll meet an old fumbling foreign guy (Alan Arkin) and his dog. Plus a handful more of those slower characters that wander around cold landscapes when devious deceptions are circling as buzzards might over fresh roadkill snacks.

Thin Ice's story unfolds at a nice pace (good direction) and you may be one of the many viewers that gets where it’s going within about ten minutes; again we’ve now seen these sorts of characters and most will see the curves in the road coming; almost with yellow warning signs a few times...

But, the acting is superb, and it’s fun to see how avenues meet and divide, until the plot meets the intersection and we are let in on the going ons. The cast is excellent. Alan Arkin for one thing is in the frames - with an accent to boot… ‘nough said? But wait there’s more! He's acting up his usual quiet whirlwind around uber smoothy Kinnear and then you get Billy Crudup, being a bad man, and Lea Thompson and David Harbour added to the kettle.

Get this and have a popcorn-viewing that’s creepy enough to keep you glued, and plain enough to make you feel real smart – and thankful you are an honest person, unless you're not. Then it's a real comedy ;)

Snack recommendation: Popcorn and real organic butter with air conditioning blasting so you get the ambience of the film's folks.

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Special Features: Behind the Scenes, Sundance Film Festival Premiere, and Deleted Scenes

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