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Tenacious Titan in Tumble Texas

Gender: BI- species
Age: 29 Education: Nearly all the way to the fourth grade. No Dumnie
Occupation: Breeder for local white supremacists chapter 101 TX
Income: A whole 9000.00 - okay, that includes overtime.
Body Type: A svelte 269 since Jenny Craig Classes
I like to… Pig slop, make babies and dine at Sony's BBQ on Satderday nites.
Favorite Music: Slim Whitman Rules!
Favorite Food: Ham hocks and Crisco greens-but justin' about evree thing.
Favorite expression: Whole lotta shaking going on!
My Match: Male
Body Type: The bigga da betta
Height 3'-6' or does ya mean me? I'm 5'2 inches
Call me... Brenda

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