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The Ghosts of the Abyss

3d Documentary
Starring: Bill Paxton and James Cameron
Directed by: James Cameron



Filmmaker extraordinaire James Cameron returns to the Titanic. This time he's armed with a few mini submarines, a barrage of scientific specialists, two "home made" million-dollar underwater camera robots and studmuffin Bill Paxton.

Jim's shot this documentary's expedition footage in 3D so we get an experience like nothing you've ever experienced on a Titanic visit before.

The sad truth behind this sunken marine masterpiece that lies at the bottom of the sea is still truly heart breaking; 1500 women, children and men perished on the Titanic because greedy financiers decided they didn't need all those costly obtrusive life boats. They thought a ship like this was impossible to sink.

Enter one mean friggatini iceberg stretching her roots a football field's length, unseen, just beneath the water. Then a diabolical twist of fate as a wrong turn was decided - once the cap was noticed. The iceberg's hidden horizon pierced the side of the ship, and after hours of peril, down "the unsinkable" beauty went taking many unwilling souls.

There have been countless films (none more famous, obviously, then Cameron's own mega-hit Titanic) exploring the ship resting deep in the frigid waters - but trust me - no one has ever made quite a film like this.

Adorable Bill Paxton joins the expedition as the narrator. You immediately realize his adventurous side is still a tad green. His deadpan sense of humor and blunt honesty about not being so gung ho to go 12000 feet down in a tiny sub - with no bathroom - in violent seas - for ten eleven hours keeps the other wise solemn all business structured "dive" trip to a this watery grave as light as he can. Bill's a heapin' helpin' of good ol' Texan charm.

It is entirely appropriate that James Cameron, the man almost single handily responsible for humanizing the plight of the passengers of the doomed ship for the world, should now have the honor of viewing its most hidden treasures and mysteries first.

Thanks to the camera robots he and his brother Michael built, affectionately named Jake and Elwood Blues, we are privy to section of the majestic vessel no human eyes have witnessed in almost a hundred years. We visit the stateroom Molly Brown stayed in ( and see the brass bed she spoke of many times), we sneak into another room where a wooden wash stand remains upright - with its water glass unbroken - still awaiting duty. Down we go into the main lobby through the ornate iron doors to find these beautiful stain glass windows - in tact - lining the corridor. Cameron had his crew shine lights through from the outside abyss to give all of us the first glance of "daylight" the once pristine windows have seen in over 80 years. You can feel the goosebumps rise in the audience simultaneously. The Camerons' robots even find a set of unbroken china teacups eerily resting in coasters as if we've interrupted teatime for some children still at play. Awe inspiring footage is an understatement.

His effects don't stop at the 3D; he's added "ghosts" frolicking about the floors. Passengers living beneath the tide apparently unaware they've perished. He's also super imposed diagrams and images of the wreck as she was when it was still afloat and held all its grandeur.

This is by far one of the most intriguing documentaries I have ever seen. The only fault the whole film has is it's short length. At just over an hour I was left wanting more. Hopefully the DVD will have more footage and go a little more in-depth (pardon the pun). Cameron has really made, yet another, Titanic film folks

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