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Man did this suck! Hee hee. Only kidding! I am just so used to saying that this season. Fun-onmenal is more like it! I just can't say enough good about the little studio that could....Pixar. Genius's toil away day after day, year after year creating mind boggling animations with more soul than most breathing 3 dimensional beings! Pixar's been around for roughly ten years. We met them with Toy Story one, then that immensely entertaining tale of entomology, A Bug's Life. Next comes spring they'll bless us with Dinosaur.

I have to admit I am an animation junkie. Pixar's 'stuff' is like pure heroin intravenously fed into my eager little veins. Even if your not a big fan of animation bring a child to see this, please. It's warm and filled with old time moralsthat more and more fall by the hate and 'out of my way' curbside we live in today.Sniff. Don't worry TS2 isn't some big bore-a-thon, they splash in adult humor so subtly the kids will never know what Woody's really saying to Bo Peep. The writer's also creatively play on other movies' classic scenes for additional hoots and always keep the toys aware of their diminutive size and the reality of their reality at all times. ( not like Tom and Jerry were Jerry is two feet at some times)

TS2, an animated film, is the first this year to have a seamless flowing script. Inside the wonderful script, Pixar has filled their creation with a special warmth and spirit to their plastic character's no others have been able to capture. Not so far at least. South Park was hysterical, but, more in a gimme an R rating-in-your-face-break-all-the-rules-potty-humor way. There is not one swear word in this movie, and you still split your sides with the humor.

We catch up with Buzz Light-year (Tim Allen) And Woody (Tom Hanks) on just another day in Andy's room. Then peril strikes and Woody is stolen by a mean old pigman, who wears a Chicken suite! Oh my gawd! The toys scramble and devise a plan to rescue the Woodmeister from the evil chicken man's clutches. Woody meets a couple of new friends this time 'round. There's Jessie the Cow Girl (Joan 'Isn' t my brother bitable' Cusack) and Stinky Pete the Prospector (Side Show Grammer). Then we meet Zurg, Buzz's archenemy. It's all just a hootenanny!

Toy Story 2 is nearly two hours of nonstop laughs, giggles and guffaws! I don't want to give away the toys' story, just git yerselvin up and skadittle to the roundup ya hear! Bring the youngins or don't this aint justin a kids movie.

Snack Recommendation: McDonald's Happy meal for the toys!

Starring: Buzz Light-year, Woody, Dinosaur, Piggy Bank, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Three little Alien beings, Tour Guide Barbie, Little Bo Peep, Cow Girl Jessie, Sketch-o-Matic and a crooning Penguin named Wheezy

Directed in all areas by: Pixar and John Lasetter, Ash Brannon and Lee Unkrich, and in no small way, Joe Ranft (-voice and persona of Heimlich the Great from Bug's Life!)

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