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Trigger NYC Launch Party
Hudson Hotel | Library Bar
Sponsered By Budweiser, Realplayer and Yahoo

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Blunt has been steadfast in keeping you up on's launch. With good reason. They have perfected the formula for online film, screenplay and festival submissions. It wasn't easy to get it all done and the delays of their launch necessary to tweak the site ultimately for YOU. I can not wait to see the film discoveries. The people involved truly love the medium and this is their gift back. Our gift is that these fellows even bothered.

That having been said. What's the best remedy for exhaustive efforts? Right! A big classy party. And these guys know how to host a party. Monday night at the hoity toity Hudson Hotel deep in the whimsical Library Bar the crew relaxed a little, unbuttoned their suit shirts and met with well wishers who appreciated the hard work behind the hoopla. president and uber cutey DANA BRUNETTI bounced from martini sipper to martini sipper chatting about their mission; basically to nurture unknown talents and give a voice to folks who have no "connections." Co- founder of and the reigning king of charm and wit, KEVIN SPACEY told me (as he sipped a long neck brewski from sponsor Budweiser) they had 2200 people log in the first 24 hours alone! ROSS PARTRIDGE, dashing purr usual, agreed and said the rush of screenwriters and film makers ready to join in actually crashed their server! The party was dotted with celebrities; SAM ROCKWELL, that guy from the Sopranos, JAMES GANDOLFINI, CAROLINE RHEA - who is freakin' hysterical, DENIS LEARY smoking away, and who knows who else was lurking around. I had way too many martinis; though I paced myself with diet cokes so I never actually fell down. I was even coherent enough to cab over to the after party at swanky (and tiny) Bungalow 8. I'd found a beau - actually a guy blatantly on the move in more ways than one - so my party guest MICHELE DEYOUNG and I hid upstairs with the "in crowd" till he dispersed and drank even more.

Say kids, did you know you shouldn't mix martinis with champagne? Okay if you must be sure and hold the flute with your pinky up no matter how whacked you are so you give the optical illusion of still being a lady. The big meany bouncer atop was making bets if I'd fall down the stairs as I left (sweet huh?) -I didn't and wouldn't - wow, what a dickhead.

The next day as I met with my publicist about my own launch extravaganza. We dined and plotted as my head had it's own samba rhythm pulsing wildly throughout. But when you're in NYC for this short a visit who' got time for a pesky hang over? Not me.

Back to the boyz. is an online haven for aspiring new talents. They will be hosting an Online Short Film Festival, providing a Screenwriter's Forum, and an unprecedented mechanism for Feature Film Submissions. Heaven on Earth? You betya! is the web-based filmmakers and screenwriters community of record- an interactive web site dedicated to discovering and showcasing new and unique talent. Based on the principles of creative excellence, it will provide industry access and be a process that will help build the careers of the notable new filmmakers and screenwriters of our day.

The company is a branch of Kevin Spacey and Bernie Morris' TriggerStreet Productions. Dana Brunetti and Ross Partridge have worked long and hard to get this ball in play. The thought being the first time and second time lower end film makers helped Spacey become Spacey. As he put it he's just , "sending the elevator back down." Many films like Rodger Dodger or My Big Fat Greek Wedding have these glorious hardship stories behind them. That's all well and great, but wouldn't you rather see more of this caliber of film find it's way to market then hear the urban legends behind that "one" great film getting made? Me too. should help do just that! Spacey has some pretty smart ideas for where he wants to be in five years. And I tell you what, knowing this guy's drive and the team with him, they'll be a standard mechanism in the film making process by then. He need'nt worry his handsome manly man head over it. BRAVO boyz! Go to the site and sign up, peruse, upload - you don't wanna miss this!



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