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I got one word for you...claustrophobia.

How do these boys do it? In real life and in this highly detailed submarine thriller. Not since Das Boot (German 1982) has the real feel for the innards of these mechanical wonders been so aptly portrayed. Throw into that wild realistic special effects and some well, ( not stereotypical) cast actors and you've got one hell of a war movie- I mean war movie.

U-571 doesn't ry to be all things to all audiences. It is what it is.

The U-571 is a wartime submarine with the ominous task of sneaking behind Nazi lines to steal the war's most dangerous (in this movie anyway) weapon- the Enigma encryption machine.

Lieutenant Tyler (Matthew "Bongo boy" McConaughheyhiddyho) is up for the task.He and his man will succeed at any costs. Yadda, Yadda.

You know what I like, the mix of ages in command. When you see Hollywood's older war flicks the commanders are all one foot in the grave (AKA there best actors on retainer). However, WW2 had boy/men thrown into combat as much as Vietnam. This movie keep true to life on this and many other points. I liked it. Sure, the plot and story line is obvious. The usual stow away, a blowing up here and there. But the cinematography and the whole claustrophobic feeling runs through every frame. High drama and intensity through out.

Like Saving Private Ryan and Hunt For The Red October, they are looking for an quaze-intelligent audience that appreciates war-stuff detail. It's here. Translation = guy movie. The upside is all the studs crammed into each frame. Who can forget the continuous merging of Hanks and Damon in SPR? Not me. I sat through The Thin Red Line for John Cusack. Here, girls we find a smartly coifed McConaugheyho six foot by six foot, and a cleaned up post pubescent Bon Jovi to boot. For this alone see this.

Harvey "Independent movie guru and one of Hollywood’s greatest enigmas " Kietel is up to his usual dynamic presence. What doesn't this guy do well? Enjoy.

Snack Recommendation: Dramamine and ginger ale.

Starring: Matthew McConaughy, Harvey Kietel, Jon Bon Jovi, and David "Family Affair" Keith.

Directed by: Jonathan Mostow



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