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Way Of The Gun

Why does every cool movie that comes along have to be compared with Tarantino? The man did not invent the Independent film people. Yes, yes, the lad's great but give other folks a chance, huh?

McQuarrie (Writer/Director) is one hell of a talent.Granted a couple of scenes were colossally boring- but what movie doesn't have a little celluloidal fill?

Way of the Gun stars an ensemble cast of mega- talent actors. Not the Willis / Bullock A list types but the earlier unsheik standing outside at Spagos-honest emotional give-it-their-all actors. You'll find; Benicio "Lon Chaney Jr. Eyes" Del Toro, the angelic Ryan Phillipe and one of my all time faves Julliette Lewis (Okay, The Other Sister really sucked-forgive her— think NBK) .

Story goes... a couple of generic hoods/ loser types, Longbaugh (Del Toro) and Parker (Phillippe) decide to kidnapp a surrogate mother-to-be Robin (Lewis). Seems logical. Snag the prego hold the unborn child of wealth hostage, clean break to wealth. No one gets hoit.

Yes, and no. Emphasis on no. They picked the wrong budding family for sure. That and the two share a gnat's brain of intelligence (-no that's not fair to the gnat!) Memories of Abbie Normal's brain in a jar (Young Frankenstein) sprang to thought.

For one the bulging mommy girl (Lewis) is no push over- she's kind of handy with a shot gun. Two, James Caan (whom I swear is the long lost brother of Roger Daltry-The Who?) is here on the other side of the boys- Caan's characters are never particularly nice and fluffy. He's definitely not the man you want looking for you. Know what I'm saying? Their in BIG mutha trouble.

Hey Emily, any Stud muffins? Well, Ryan looks a all scuffied up— manlier than his past effeminate styles. This manchuck steak Del Toro is pretty darn hot in his white dirty tight fitting jeans...meow. But, gals they're just too stupid and filthy to be considered for relishing bubblebath daydreams upon either. Scrub them down...Maybe...

Juliette Lewis is by far one of our greatest living actresses. I still wake up in cold sweat nightmares from her brilliant Mallory in Natural Born Killers. She's just cool in that old fashioned "cool" sense. Phat, mack- daddy or whatever they say these days.

Del Toro takes the movie away from Ryan and Caan. For the acting by some of Hollywood's unyet recognized- as- big- box- office- talents Way is worth it's short comings; ie: story.

The violence is a bit much- but- the name says it all. The actors are all on the mark. For McQuarrie (infamous for the Usual Suspects with best friend Bryan Singer), it was chance show that he can stand alone and still come up with a wild time at the movies...even without Keysor Soze.

Next time he just needs a better script tis all.

Snack Recommendation: Taco Bell

Starring: James Caan, Benicio Del Toro, Taye Diggs, Juliette Lewis, Ryan Phillippe

Directed By: McQuarrie (Written too)


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