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Wedding CrashersThe Wedding Crashers

Starring Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Ilsa Fisher, Jane Seymour and Rachel McAdams
Directed by David Dobkin
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Bluntly speaking? Wedding Crashers is one of the funniest films I have ever seen…seriously.

Story goes… Divorce mediators, John Beckwith and Jeremy Klein, (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn), are understandably none too keen on marriage - or relationships at all for that matter. But that doesn't mean a wedding or ten aint in their cards. In fact they schedule "the season" like some plan an annual roadtrip.

They crash multiple weddings, each time looking for chickbabes for multiple squeezins - really, they just puruse the way others prowl bars. Except the clothes are prettier (on both sexes) and the pickings are easier, as love is already heavy in the air.

The two make themselves the life of the wedding-party and then, inevitably, end up in bed with some gal de jour.

But all that's about to change...

They have wedding crasjing rules set forth.

Rules set forth by a legend who pioneered the whole crashin' for some assin' - primarily, you never "get attached" to one of the wedding party. But as John starts to actually feel bad about schtupping and snorting, he meets a breath of fresh air in the form of a bridesmaid named Claire (Rachel McAdams). Claire's adorable and comes complete with a super powerful governmenty dad (Christopher Walken), an insane sister (Isla Fisher who snacks upon Vaughn), and a fiancé of the Ivy League pukey sort. Nothing John can't handle.

We watch as the boy turns into a man. A man intent on one gal. We also watch as his pal Jeremy suffers - hilariously - through the whole sorded affair...

It's not the obvious-plot-a-comin' story that works here - it's the insane comedy! It's raunchy, and relentless - but in a good way. As man-piggish as the duo are, they are always likable. Now that's saying something. Besides their prey is willing - and frankly who wouldn't be with those two tuxedoed up, dancin' away and as charming as they come accross. Too bad it's only a film folks...

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are tear-jerkingly funny as long-time friends and co-crashers for a cause…and Vaughn - who's as edible as he is tall - is an expert on that whole rapid-fire improv-sounding rant babble. Love this guy. Here, director Dobkins super sizes the big palooka! Owen Wilson is wonderful as well - this guy is so grand in comedy. That's what works with Owen - in my all-knowing humble opinion - his subtle and pouncing ability; and here it's a walloping of works.

The whole cast is great. Each scene trumping the last in its stepping - leaping - over the edge. Bravo for the whole crew and studio for actually going for it - believe me - they are. Be sure to pack your Depends© for the "dinner-at-the-snobs'" dinner scene, or the late-night room visit scene or the football with the over-achieiver-ass-sorts scene…man, is this a funny funny film. Enjoy.

Snack recommendation: Crabcakes and fingerfoods topped with maple syrup…



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