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What's The Worst that Could Happen?

What's the worst thing that can happen? You spend the $30.00 bucks; between admission, popcorn and two cokes, on this should-have-been- brilliant-why- look-at-the-cast movie.

Always be wary of any movie the studio tags as a "zany" comedy. Zany? Billy Zane better be one of the stars or chances are higher than Kevin Spacey's real hair line it's a clunker of titanic proportions! Case in point this, zany, dare I say whacky, comedy!

Though there are some brilliantly funny scenes-mostly at the hands of Star Martin Lawrence's, costars! Sorry, Martin seemed zoned out when not doing his signature frantic comic routines. The scene-stealer of the evening was William Fichtner. A big-ole-smit here at Blunt Review. But, it wasn't his unusually mapped good looks this time that had me all apple pie ala'mode giddy-with-glee each time he appeared, but his character was like a breath of fresh shtick comedy. Fichtner plays a Peroit- meets- Liberace-meets-Guffman Boston police detective, named Alex Tardio, whose sexuality is all over the board. In less capable hands this too could have been unoriginal and trite.

WTWTCH is all about penis envy. Or, perhaps just a plain old battle of juvenile male egos, lacking only, the comparisons of penile size. Though Lawrence does go there briefly...

Robber Kevin (Martin Lawrence- who has skin so beautifully smooth it looks almost like those clay-mation dolls from the Nestea commercials) is caught fist-full-o-lute by a billionaire, in the billionaire's home mid, robbery. This billionaire, Max Fairbanks (Danny Devito), decides to hoodwink the hood and tells the cops the robber has one last trinket still due return... A ring, on his finger. The cops remove the robber's ring and give it over to the richer robber. The games begin.

See this tacky ring was a gift from Kevin's new soul mate Amber (a simply gorgeous Carmen Ejogo). A token from her father representing good luck and love and whatever. Kevin swears he'll get the ring back. Not so easy. Max, who's a bit of a loon, believes the ring is an omen of good (more) fortune that he must keep, under any circumstances...

So, two different style crooks, without a clue of morality go mental gladiator on each other over a cheap gaudy ring, for the next two hours. Yawn. Of course the whole audience was simultaneously thinking "Go to a good jeweler and duplicate the damn thing already nunchakus !"

The good news is Devito and Lawrences' supporting cast. After hilarious Fichtner, secondary scene-stealers the lot of them.

John Lugugugumananuizamo who plays Kevin's partner in fiasco, er, crime Berger is his usual, adorable, self. His quick sense of humor shines through even the 2 dimensional poopy-kucka of a role. Glenne Headly (a girl-a talented girl) plays Max's secretary and spiritual confidant Gloria. Again if it were not for the lack of story this cast would have ripped through the screen. For example Bernie Mac (best known from Original Kings of Comedy) is absolutely brilliant, nearly every line is funny and believable.

So what's wrong with the film? Too much Lawrence doing that thing he does that, quite frankly , unless you love the guy already, is grating. Sure he's handsome and has the sweetest smile on film to date, but he needed to be funnier is all as the whole comic sphere was circling around- him.

Then the story is just too far fetched. As if a billionaire amidst a huge all-destroying congressional hearing, bankruptcy etc. would stop to have a battle of the wits with a robber. Again, he'd have copied the ring and gave the robber the fake one, no? Normally off-the-believable - path is fine by me if you can hold the interest via clever dialog, unexpected gags and general mayhem...

The best thing about the movie was the many comics that come out of the woodwork. Lenny Clarke, who used to be wicked handsome, was nice to see. I actually knew him...a long time ago...Super guy- funny too. Nora Dunne, again a wonderful show. Ana Gasteyer who's just kind of here- not given any meat- and she can handle it too. A fantastic comedian! Poor kid. But wait there's more comedy stew! You get another a real fave here at Blunt Review, too, Larry Miller. And of course, effervescent DeVito himself is naturally funny and easily delivers his Max. Lawrence shined on TV but loses something, at least here, on the biggie screen.

But for all its giggles and genuinely funny bits it's still not recommendable. Wait for video.

Snack recommendation: Boston baked beans and Kelly's Roast beef

Starring: Martin Lawrence Danny DeVito John Leguizamo Glenne Headly Carmen Ejogo Bernie Mac Larry Miller Nora Dunn Richard Schiff William Fichtner Ana Gasteyer and many many more greta comics scattered about.

Directed by: Sam Weisman

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