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wilandkev.jpg (6526 bytes)WILD WILD WEST

Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld
Starring:  Kevin Kline, Wil Smith, Kenneth Branagh and Salma Hayek


Well it didn't SUCK! That is to say I really had no desire to view this cinematic kucka and it wasn't as bad as expected. Granted, I was in love with Artemus Gordon—Jim West's side kick in the original TV show so much-I may be biased.

If you never saw the touted cult classic Starring Robert "tight slacks" Conrad and Ross "Sleepy-eyed" Martin you're probably not gonna like this. See, the original Wild Wild West grows on you. Ya know, nothing else was on and the guys were cute. Ted Turner no doubt owns the shows-so you could find it on one of his eight thousand channels- if you want. WWW had outlandish villains, put our heroes in inescapable scenarios and threw in weapons and such that just could not have existed back then. But, it was fun. So was this. La de da.

WWW  99 is the same thing but utilizes great actors to string together a made-for-TV style script. Herein is it's downfall. This would have been a hit on Sunday night. On the big screen it's strictly for the few, the proud, who knew and loved the show or wanna see Willie strut around in black silk suits!

Wil Smith is a Blunt Review favorite; so cute and chocolatey-sweet. As Jim West, he delivers his usual dry-perky-smile-style with an air of arrogance that keeps him cool in an uncool West. Dontcha just hate anything Western- yech.

The sets looked like Knottsberry Farm or some back lot at Universal Studios! I kept expecting a tour bus filled with Ohio-ans to pass through. Lame.

Which makes me ask why was Kevin "Mr. Versatile" Kline was in this? He was fabulous as Artemus Gordon. Quick-witted and intelligent looking in his wild ensembles. But, isn't he a higher caliber actor? True comedies and real plots? This was a little B movie-ish. Don't get me wrong-I love B movies, when I expect a B movie...

Odd observation: Jim (Smith) kept ragging on him that his inventions would work one of these days-meanwhile every invention worked and saved West's life over and over again. I thought were the repeated insults suppose to be in another version of the film? (The good version?) A huge faux pas, no? Mon dieu!

Ken Brenananagnaghagh (Branagh) aka Mr. Shakespeare, plays Dr. Arliss Loveless. He had the best toys! Dr. Loveless is half the man he use to be-literally- and blames (as most delusional psychopaths do) everyone around him, especially the U.S. Government, for his present state of half-being. Dr. Loveless has kidnapped the world's smartest scientists to take over the "Big Blue Meanie", USA. West and he have a "past" with each other so it's personal for them. Yawn. They use kinda funny racist, and cripple double entendres for most of the flick to verbally spar. Dr. Loveless is wicked creepy—good job Kenny.

Now on to Salma (shudder) Hayek! What is this awful actress' appeal? Come on people-
is it the boobies? She was awful ,awful, awful. Not to mention, she is very hard to understand. Her accent is so heavy (we've seen anvils that are lighter) we lost some scenes. Please Mr. Producer,  you're makin' some dough on this flick, get a language tutor, huh? Or just
speak Spanish-it would have been easier to translate!

You know, I may be kinder to this movie because I had just suffered through that big piece of celluloid feces called Big Daddy. Should have been called Big Do Do. I just didn't hate it.

Wild Wild West should do better on video when the summer's over and you're looking for mindless
mayhem to forget about the days buls$%@^. The title song's fun.

Snack recommendation: Beef jerky



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