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Your Friends And Neighbors

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STARRING: Amy Brenneman, Aaron Eckhart, Catherine Keener, Nastassja Kinski, Jason Patric, and Ben Stiller.



Your Friends & Neighbors could have been called Your Fiends & Backstabbers, the characters are so unlikable and viscous. Written (and directed) by clever dialog prince Neil LaBute, this one is going to make you look at people around you a little closer...

This film is sheer brilliance and impeccably performed by some of our finest.YFAN is delightfully unique from the get-go. Bitter city folks galore, clever writing and an ensemble cast of America's up and comers make it a flick you really should make a point of seeing. Not all will enjoy it- it's rough around the edges.

Also, I warn you, there's not a studly-do- rights to be seen. Ben Stiller is as close as we get to a stud muffin, well, a day old supermarket croissant that i s- 'nuff said? Ben's just too creepy to be jumpable. He's got that perpetual about-to-morph-into a-werewolf look . He is a great actor/comic though, no matter how hirsute. His short lived show on Fox, still has me pulling over giggling at remembered various scenes! Find copies on Ebay -trust me.

YFAN's characters hit very close to home-and on each other. There’s the quintessential Mr. Sports-Creep-Woman-Hater-Macho-Gynecologist (Jason Patric) who drop kicks a plastic fetus. Sick man. He is every single chick’s nightmare—seems good-looking and suave bolla on the outside then wham! He’s a psycho with exponents!

Next there’s the Ms. I-Can’t-Say-Fuck But-I’ll-Cheat-On-My-Husband Anyway-Cause-I’m-a-Raging- Hypocrite (Amy Brenneman) followed by Mr. No-one-Can-Do-Me-Like-I-Can-Do-Myself (Aaron Eckhart, who incidentally po-po-porked out Since his last woman-hating movie, In the Company of, Men another director Labute great) And of course, Ms. Is– She-A-Dyke-or-Isn‘t-She? Played by the fantastic, as always, Catherine Keener. Keener is infamous in the "indie" world yet never quite a mainstream being. Pitty. She's of our finest working actresses- see anything with her and you'll be happy. Her face will be immediately familiar. She picks her work carefully I imagine, 'cause I can't remember seeing anything that isn't, at least, interesting with her name attached.

Story goes.. we hang out and watch several couples who claim to be friends discuss and work through their relationships.

Nastassja Kinski is fabulous. She never seems to age. Hey, wasn’t her dad Nosferatu? Hmmmm.

The script and scenes are very real. It’s a great story of who’s sleeping with who and who can actually get it up to sleep with whom. This LaBute guy directs a great ensemble of young actors, I can't wait to see more of—ah, perhaps with a tad more clothes on though

It's a PBS documentary on modern relationships on acid. Enjoy.

WARNING: Do not consume food products before this flick the declothed cast will have you hurling! This is no Ralph Fiennes Nude at the Beach Day—know what I mean? At one point Ben is prancing around in his Calvins and shows his breeding. He should use some of the money that’s pouring in from Something About Mary for breast liposuction before he needs
"The Manzere." Poor guy.


SNACK RECOMMENDATION: None. Due to the explicit grossness of the often declothed cast.


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